Saturday, August 27, 2016

Virgo Season

The sun entered Virgo this week. This means big business in everything involving refinement and process, reduction and simplicity. It’s almost too perfect that we enter the sign of the virgin during the waning cycle of the moon. The moon is growing smaller. Reducing. I try to honor the cycle of the moon. I set my intentions of expansion during one half, and reduction in the other. Reducing in one area allows for expansion in another. When I follow the energy of the moon I feel more aligned with the universe. In practical application this usually means I will try to initiate things like diets, new bedtimes, quitting vices to this time when the energy is the best at reduction and removal. Virgo also wants us to make harmony out of disorder. Some of us might have felt the urge to purge ourselves of clutter. This could be removing things from your closet, cleaning out your storage areas of the house or cracking down on some self-work. If this doesn’t sound like you ask yourself if you’re on the other end of this spectrum. Is there more you could be doing? Don’t you have a process to look after? What needs re-adjusting.  If coupled or co-living in anyway, take a deep breath and look around the room. Is your partner doing far more of their fair share? Is there a part of your domestic process that you are neglecting? Are there things in your house that you’re hoarding? Is there something about adjusting a process that you’re avoiding?  Are you too busy spending time analyzing and over analyzing issues that are really beyond your control to lend a hand? Is your inner critic spending too much time on the mic and not enough time backstage? Perhaps your anxiety and self criticism is at a crippling level, leaving you stagnant, overwhelmed and murky.
Do you want my advice?
Stop it.
Just for a moment. Or a task.

The beauty of Virgo is that she is the queen of tiny steps. Virgo loves details. You have this all going for you. She wants you to take a big problem down one little step at a time. And she’s totally here to help you do it. You’ll hear people say “trust the process” and sometimes that might make you feel like you’re not even sure what your process is.  Let’s say your arrested development stems from self-criticism (with a side of anxiety). Let’s take this down the Virgo way.

Let’s say the overall theme to your anxiety is fear of the future/unknown. Your inner critic has strong words for you about things you could have or should have done leading you to this point. This might be supported by realities in your current situation. Rather its financial, situational, based on the uncertainly of a relationship, responsibilities….whatever the root cause.We can break this down. The season was made for tiny steps that will deliver big progress.  Virgo wants you to think about it like river water. When the water is flowing in the river, it appears clear of mud, dirt, rocks or other sediment. It’s a beautiful fluid stream. Let’s take a jar and fill it with water from the river. Put the jar on the shelf and leave. It. alone. When the water is contained (let’s akin this meditation or other means of gaining clarity and focus) it settles. When the water is moving all the dirt and rocks and sediment are swirling around- ever constant and chaotic. When the water settles so does the the debri. It settles to the bottom. The root. It does not fill the jar. There is plenty of water. It just forms a small layer on the bottom and could be easily distilled. All we need to do is wait for it to settle, find a filter and remove it. Look at it clearly, away from the chaos of the water. Is it dirt? Is it mostly tiny rocks? Does knowing exactly what was in the water comfort you? Does it change your opinion of the river? Are you happy to have your water clear? Whatever the outcome, you applied your process to the water and you got down to the literal nitty gritty and that’s the real lesson.

Virgo wants you to learn. Virgo understands that sometimes you need to wait for the silt to settle. Virgo wants to wait with you. Virgo wants to lend you their patients and process because they want (and expect) the best out of you. Virgo distills. Virgo simplifies. Virgo Serves and Virgo wants to help.
Enjoy the process, that's what Virgo season is for.